Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Investing in gold

The world's economy is always in constant flux, sometimes moving faster than others, and unfortunately large investments are affected by tragic falls in investment investing in cryptocurrency.

These unexpected or planned falls always cause discomfort, we would like to have a magic ball to guess which way to go and know that regardless of what happens, our investment is safe, especially now that the world is experiencing moments full of uncertainty.

Although we do not have that divine power, we want you to meet the most attractive investment in history. If, as you read, from colonial times and even long before, gold was always representative of investment and money throughout all civilizations, doesn't this seem like one of the many compelling reasons to invest in gold ?

Used since the beginning of financial operations as a backing for various currencies, Gold tempts the large economies of developed countries as the opportunity to regain their status after this pandemic. This precious metal could guarantee your peace of mind in the midst of so many anguish.

Now, we can't lie to you. Gold also suffers from ups and downs (not as pronounced as in the coins of daily use) but you must assume its acquisition with great responsibility. There are more common scams and errors than you think when making a purchase or sale of this metal (it is believed that for every real currency there are 100 more units that are false).

Despite this we believe that gold will really reliably preserve your savings beyond strong currencies (such as the euro or the dollar), these are only traced in the short and medium term due to high or low inflation rates affecting negatively the extent of liquidity you have at the moment.

You must also recognize that excess monetary liquidity is the main cause of an inflationary phenomenon, in other words, the more bills there are on the street and the less gold that exists to support it, the world will live in constant inflation and infinite.


Fortunately, it does not happen this way with Gold, whose color stands out even in the darkest times.

Despite the fact that the fundamental principle of investments or at least that of the vast majority of them is to always generate a flow that allows to overcome costs and expenses and that still generates enough liquidity to be considered an income, the global dynamics points to that the safe wallet must be filled with precious metals.

At first we know that it may seem unattainable or extremely difficult, and how not to do it if we are talking about buying gold and not candy, but do not let anxiety win the battle, if you have heard that "the first step is always the most difficult ”, we tell you that you just gave it.

The second step is to find a supplier whose reliability is verifiable and in this way begin to save the inflationary seed that you carry day by day in your pockets so that you can finally acquire an asset that despite not producing anything, will generate you by itself the confidence of your future.

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